"Boys Don't cry," they say
"Boys Don't cry," they say feelings stories

ryaaa3 ~Aesthetic~
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"Boys don't cry" or so they say.

"Boys Don't cry," they say

He lays there; bruised and scarred,

His chest hurting; his body aching,

His nose bleeds; his eyes tear up.

"Boys don't cry, " he hears them say.

Their abrasive tone; their brute intensions,

They spoke as if they knew his pain.

He finds himself suffocated

Surrounded by the voices.

Voices crawling up his ears,

Voices swelling his eyes even more.

What was he supposed to do?

With noone alongside him,

With pain as his only companion,

A companion who had betrayed him.

He could hold on no longer,

Every second, the hole in his heart grew deeper,

Every second he sank one inch more,

Letting one last voice crawl up his ears,

He swallows the pills in his hand.

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