Reasons To Love You
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ryaaa3 In love with paradoxes ♡·♥·♡
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If I had to write a letter to you, this would be it<33

Reasons To Love You

Dear love, I love the way you excite the butterflies in my tummy, I love the way you make me laugh with your silly actions.

I love the pimples on your forehead, I love the weird way you smile whenever someone clicks your picture.

I love that you're willing to go crazy with me, I love how you get happy when you solve a maths problem.

I love how you get goosebumps whenever you have to fight, And I love how you get interested when someone talks about their fights.

If you ever wonder why I love you, Here's my answer. And trust me there are other thousand reasons to love you. I love everything about you. I love you.

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