A Small Step For Earth
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Your little help can save the planet ^^

A Small Step For Earth

For a couple of weeks, the problem of garbage in Nepal has been bugging me a lot.

And that had me wondering what I could do to help. After brainstorming for a few days, I came up with an idea.

I present to you my plan:

So, this is just a bunch of wrappers stuffed up into a plastic bottle.

Here in Nepal, waste management is a huge problem. By doing this, I am able to throw a huge amount of garbage by occupying less area.

This might seem insignificant but if all of you reading this would do the same, I'm sure it can make a huge difference. And we might be able to provide little help to the planet

So, I would like to request you all to help and support the Earth by carrying out this small activity. Plus, it's not a tiring job to do.

This would really mean a lot if you guys would support me. Please tell me what you think about it. Thank You! -Arya

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