A Ticket From Her Hand To Mine
A Ticket From Her Hand To                                                        Mine  fallingforher stories

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Wasn’t golden or given to me by Tom Hanks but damn are these tickets magical

A Ticket From Her Hand To Mine

The air is warm, but I am cold. My heart perspires and I am short of breath. Heat rushes to my face. I think I’m blushing. What did she say, I forget. All my interest is in her. What is that scent? Sweet and gentle, subtle and lovely. I should smile, she is smiling. It seems so genuine and comforting. Pink lips of such symmetry. Her smile is so pure I can notice it in her eyes.

Amber stars complemented by brunette brows that arch above as natural as the stone bridges in Utah. She hands me my ticket and I walk pass. Memory comes to me. She said “hello”.

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