Of All The Things I Have Touched
Of All The Things I Have Touched art stories

rushurley Sometimes, words will happen here.
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I was thinking about what it was like to hold you late last night, then this fell out.....

Of All The Things I Have Touched

You are by far the sweetest, most delicate of them all.

You made my finger tips thrum for days on end.

Humming like a bee that’s found a particularity over ripe flower.

Pulsing with pollen, rich to the touch..

One that would be unthinkable to leave behind

Unharnessed. Unharvested. Untouched.

I had to touch you

And you touched back

You grabbed

You kissed

You gazed

Full of wonder

Full of awe

Leaving me as hardly the shell of the person I once was

Aching to touch and be touched like that again

But knowing, our realities, our futures

Don’t coincide with one another, nor will they ever.

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