Thank You, Ex
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A thank you letter to someone I loved.


Thank You, Ex

Thank you for the tears I spent most of my nights drowning myself with. All these tears taught me that it's okay to cry. That it's okay not to be "okay".

Thank you for not giving me answers. I was lost and confused but accepted that some things need not have an ending.

For some reason you can't spill out any acceptable reason why you left. But I learned that some things are better left unsaid.

I never understood why it was over between us. But guess what?

It saved me from enduring more pain. It saved me from questioning more than I could question. I learned that things don't happen for no reason.

You taught me that feelings of people can change faster than the blink of an eye, just like many other things in life.

You taught me to be prepared for anything. To not completely give my heart to anyone. That I need to spare something for myself too.

Most importantly, you taught me that it is possible to care for someone no matter how much they may have hurt you.

Because no matter how much I hated you, you're still the person I loved first, but not the person I fell in love with anymore. You taught me that time is never wasted if you spend it with someone you love.

I thought that I'd be hurting forever, but I learned that eventually I'll be okay, that eventually my heart would heal.

Thank you for breaking my heart, because if you haven't? I will never be the person I am today.

And thank you for leaving me, because I found myself when I lost you.

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