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A poem with a short story on the essence of Love.

Finding Love

by Dr Runjhun Saxena Subhanand

Where is the Flower?

Under the vast blue sky I grew up so high; Over the mountain slopes My life made new hopes; When the sunlight fell on my leaves They would shimmer and dance in the gentle breeze.

My beautiful tender stalk, Stood long, green and tall. My deep brown roots, Spread it's way so I couldn't fall. And when the dew drop fell on leaves, They would sparkle and glimmer with trees

Beautiful though my life that was, It yearned for something pure, And when I saw the neighboring flowers, I knew, "I too would flower for sure."

I stood there long and tall, Waiting for that precious moment; Someone from somewhere will come before fall, And break my slumbering quiescent.

Alas, He came one day and said, "Oh, you're so pretty and purebred, I'll take you with me to my wonderland, Charming and delightful where you will stand."

He uprooted me from my home, And placed me in a garden of his own. And gave me something which i never knew, A feeling that to me was so new.

It was warm as the sunlight, And gentle as the breeze; Cool as the mountainous stream, And soothing like the ground beneath.

It gave me a new form and contour, Whom people would see and allure; Least that I knew it would happen so soon, I was there with my Flowers in full bloom.

"Ah, my pretty, look at you! Those Flowers are fragrant, buoyant with a cheerful hue." His smile made me dance with joy, These are the Flowers for which I grew.

His care and kindness, Flourished my bloom; His tenderness and warmth, Banished all my gloom. I wished that it stayed forever this way, "May he be only mine," I prayed each day.

"Ah, my flowers," he would say Which filled my heart with happiness and gay. "I would always bloom for you, If you never bid me adieu."

But as the seasons changed, there was a change in him. Now I was not his only kin. Friends, family, hobbies and work; Soon changed the smile to smirk.

And when one day he asked me for the flowers, I had nothing remained to shower.

The Winter had come, that's what I realized, "Where are the Flowers?" he again criticized. The warmth, the care, the tenderness and the kindness, Had all vanished with blunt abruptness.

"Where are the Flowers?" he cried again. My heart was crying at his complain.

My stalk was bent, my leaves were yellow; My Flowers were gone, he still didn't say, "Hello!". Then I noticed my precious seeds, But he was too far and paid no heed.

Without support, and warmth and care, I gave my life to my seeds so rare. "Where are the Flowers?" when he asked again, I showed him the seeds which I had gained.

I was lonely, depressed and sad, I wanted compassion to make me glad. I was scared and dejected, It was his smile and empathy which I expected.

I wanted a shoulder on which I could settle, Little though I realized that he was fighting his own battle.

I wasn't so pretty and charming anymore, But my seeds were the ones whom I most adored. I vowed to live my life for them, "Where are the Flowers?" I'll hear no more.

So there I stood raising my seeds, Into beautiful plants they shall proceed. And when he asked, "Where are the Flowers?" I stood strong and tall and paid no heed.

I knew I had to find my way at life, To live, to breathe, to say, "I'm alright." I knew I had to survive, To stay bold and strong and live up the fight.

I knew i had to raise my loving seeds, To become beautiful, delightful, charming and bright.

So I began my journey within, Looked at me and smiled therein. I remembered my family, my mountains, my place, And determined to live my life with grace.

So, when he asked, "Where are the Flowers?" I smiled and said ," Inside my heart they are."

Everyday I would fall down with grief, Every tear I wiped with belief. The world was not what I dreamed of, Still I stood tall to make it worth living.

I looked up at the divine sky and said, "Can you give me my Flowers?" The sky smiled and replied, "I've better things to shower!"

Today I understood that those Flowers were rare, They wanted nourishment, warmth and care. And when that came from God above, I understood they were nothing, but, LOVE!

Finding Love

by- Runjhun

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