White Rose
White Rose heart stories

rues25 I don't accept defeat
Autoplay OFF   •   3 years ago
this is to all the men who want to carry their women till eternity by their sides , set your goal and achieve it

White Rose

by rues25

The white that you carry , so peaceful you are The praises and adoration are yours........................

Your humor and enormous heart are what makes you outstand other roses of your nature

The red rose that carries the symbol of love , and only love

You white lily surpass them all, you the lily of the valley , the brightest of them all

The comfort , joy , peace and tranquility you poses make you a jewel. You are indeed a treasure

Many hesitate and speak from afar, their fear being the price tag humanity has placed on you

But i recognize you amongst them all, my only goal set to have you by my side Lily

My diamond My queen and bride Will you marry me ?

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