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rues25I don't accept defeat
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This is to all those people who have been living their life to please people living your dreams to shatter only because you fear you are inadequate. Its time to lift the veil, to be you and to put yourself first. Its not selfish to be happy. Spread your wings and let your light shine on others


by rues25

Everyday was always the same

The clouds always seemed to be darker on the other side

Her grass never got greener

The wind of shame was all she got . The words ,"they are all better than you" ; were the cruelty savored dish she ate daily

Her will to live left her

The path to success seemed like eternity , like the unending road

She feared she would never speak up She wasn't different but her choices were , she was a writer by heart . they didn't recognize her potential

Until one day she stopped caring , the bitterness drove her and it was time to stop living someone else's life

The days of slipping under everyone's radar were over

It was time to lift the veil, to shine like the star she was

To conquer the world and bring change ...................................

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