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rues25I don't accept defeat
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this is anger management lesson , it doesn't hurt to be humble my father always says.I am struggling with my inner beast and i know i can calm it , and so can you


by rues25

Shhhhhhh .................................................................... Trust me

Don't look at the mirror,look through the mirror Search deeper through your soul

What do you see ? the inner demon that controls the way you see the world

Release that beast and free your soul It hurts that the world is evil and unleashing your inner demon can help save you One wrong doesn't make a right Release your demon and be free

let the peace of the air feel you let the pain slip away like it does on the slippery rock

let go that grudge , that anger which will only harm you even more

Everyone has a beast , tame yours and free yourself The pain is unbearable but surely it can't be compared to the pain your face has when you frown When that tiger unleashes

Free your soul , You need the freedom like rocket who's gravity is the force not the will

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
10 months agoReply
Yes you can calm it. My inner beast had a name, PTSD. I allowed that beast to wreck havoc on all those about me. You right such beautiful and provocative poems, that it is a pleasure to read them. Your words have power and you use that in a good and decent way. Great job!!!!