Two Caskets
Two Caskets  grandmother stories
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rudyskaggs most of this work is old I suck less now
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February 2015. Second place contest winner

Two Caskets

by rudyskaggs

The past comes to me in waves, like ripples on the crystal springs of her glassy irises.

Gossamer recollections

billow through my consciousness, I recall her bedroom walls adorned with paper the color of the heavens; my memories with edges softer than the sheets upon which she lay.

My tiny voice resounded, singing to her porcelain angels and paintings of saints when I still believed they could hear me; begging for empathy from some cold-hearted God.

I recall, it was late June, when my innocence took its final ragged breaths in time with the ever-lengthening pauses between the beating of her fatigued heart.

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