Morphine Dream
Morphine Dream morphine stories

rudyskaggs most of this work is old I suck less now
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January 2015, based on a 2012 hospital stay.

Morphine Dream

by rudyskaggs

I wither like a daylily in my fatigue;

as tiny crystal tears dampen my perpetually wincing countenance.

I feel a cold presence pierce into the crook of my arm; and I allow the welcome intruder to slide silently, painlessly under my translucent skin,

and the gentle blackness to begin to knock softly against my bones while I am overcome by a sweet sensation of dreamlike stillness.

Ribbons of darkness weave around each muscle; forming a second skin soft as velvet that swaddles me like its very own child.

I ache; tremors wrack my body

and I feel my eyes fall back into the empty recesses of my skull; a post-apocalyptic wasteland where nerve endings lie dormant, and I become unaware of my own existence.

And I slip quietly from consciousness and into a blurry opiate utopia.

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