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rudyskaggs most of this work is old I suck less now
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september 2015 local contest winner

Home for Fall

by rudyskaggs

When the warm hues of every frosted autumn sunrise

begin to stain the forests, adorning the distant foothills with a smattering of gold; when the leaves begin to mimic the colors of the crisp October heavens

We, like the foliage above

fall gently toward our roots.

We spend our days scattered from each other;

sowing seeds of obligation far from our old Hoosier home until the winds of change carry in whispers chilly and smokey of the rebirth of an old familiar friend.

When a chill begins to tinge

every breath from the cerulean sky above and autumn comes softly rapping like a welcome visitor, our family ties draw us homeward

and we, with bonds

as closely-knit as the sweaters on our backs, celebrate the cultivation of the fruits of our fellowship.

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