Canis Lupus
Canis Lupus october stories

rudyskaggs most of this work is old I suck less now
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Halloween poem originally created Oct 2013

Canis Lupus

by rudyskaggs

Lightning cracks the sky the way time fractures

the cold, painted skin of a forgotten porcelain doll.

Water drips like blood from the wounded sky

as the creatures of the night emerge from shadowy places adorned with spidersilk.

Among them, one like a demon

spawned purely from hatred summoned from the very pits of Hell skulks through the dripping dark;

taking calculated steps toward

its blindly omniscient victim, hollow-eyed, the bright lamb of the night.

A howl

comprised of all the world’s loneliness escapes the creature's throat.

Yearning courses through its veins and its empty soul aches

as the sky extinguishes the feeble embers of purity that still faintly glowed in the dustiest corners of its pitch black heart.

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