Broken Star
Broken Star poem stories

rudra325 In Search of an Identity.
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Dependency is the word which kills the the self morality and the purpose. The Star seems to be a pathfinder and magic wand but why can't we be that self?

Broken Star

Why there's always uncertainty? Why can't there be a star twinkling? Why the complexity has its own drama? Why the drama always needs uncertainty? Why can't the drama just show the purpose and reality? Why is there always a need for an unwanted twist? Why?

Are we the puppets? Certainly, the drama seems incomplete without uncertainty,

As the characters are just dancing in the tunes, As the master seems to laugh behind the curtains, As the purpose seems to be purposeful, As the puppets, seem to be a protagonist, As the uncertainty has backstabbed, And the stage seems unware, And the claps and the praises,

The never-ending, The harsh reality, The cruelty within, The wait for the star, Seems long, As being a star is required...

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