The Future does go on
The Future does go on future stories
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Starting of here, Or within miles,

The Future does go on

Starting of here,

Or within miles,

May the odds stay with us,

Or hidden deep within files.

Our lives are eventful,

And merely full of your desires,

Yet the one thing you can’t decide,

Is the order through those wires.

Wether you believe in God,

And allow him to choose your fate,

Or your mind wanders,

Beyond the great,

I hope you live your life,

Full of happiness and love,

Have spectacular moments,

Care like a dove.

Yet the futures still there,

May our wings set us free,

Fly to a future,

Created just like a tree.

At first you’re the only,

You’re young and small,

Then memories are created,

As you begin to grow tall.

The branches outgrow,

As you live on till the end,

When death reaches you,

Another life will be mend.

For you could have a new memory,

And even a new face,

But the life you once lived,

Will have been heavenly and full of grace.

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