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What if the only thing you have left is just a piece of paper? Well, more of a whole stack of papers, a thousand to be exact. | Origami is the only thing for the one who folds again and again, one paper bird at a time. | It's the only hope this person has who has fallen into the depression of knowing nothing will ever change, alone with no one to catch them. | But it's not until a magical paper world opens up to this person, filled with life and color compared to the dark and gloomy life. | The only question is: Will these paper cranes give this person hope once more or will they abandon this person in the darkness?



It all started with a piece of paper Which came from a tree That was chopped Chipped Pulped Drained Pressed Dried And then cut up

Which all comes back to that piece of paper

We all take it for granted, we don't appreciate it as much as we should be We write on it We read on it Buy with it Clean with it Decorate with it And so many other things

One of them being origami Paper folding that's a 3-D art That could make, let's say a paper heart Beating in sync with mine, alive, being fine

Or maybe it could be boat Sailing through the seas, being able to float As what swims under it are paper fishes Gliding, maybe flying, representing everyone's wishes

It could be a kite, ready to bound for flight Flying along in the skies with paper planes While I'm stuck on the ground making paper cranes

A thousand of these papers birds I need in a year Whether to give me a wish, a long life, or to just get well soon

I haven't decided yet, so until then I'll fold again and again, one crane at a time Stuck in a bed, with nothing else to do Wishing, waiting, wanting to finally be free

But I know that'll never happen, not with me I fold these cranes with tears welling in my eyes, having to wait until the paper dries

Trapped in this place, friends and family come and go After weeks turned to months that turned to years they gave up, I gave up Pill after pill, treatment after treatment

Nothing works, nothing ever works My hand went up to my chest, feeling my hand heartbeat, this will never work I'd scream in frustration why this happened to me

Why me and not him or her, or anyone else? Then when I'm all screamed out, cried out, I'd go back to folding

One bird refused to fold, my fingers felt numb as they shook with anger I tore the useless thing apart, throwing away it and its flock off my bed, knocking it onto the ground

I flew under my covers, crying in my prison that was safe and lonely to me Yet what I didn't know is that when I'm fast asleep, something happens when I'm deep in sleep

I suddenly heard a sound, opening my red eyes and sitting up to see what it was The room was lit up with brilliant colors, filled with the sound of crumpling papers

My origami was flying through the air as if picked up by the winds Yet there were no winds here, they flew on their own I watched in awe as they soared Did this really happen while I snored?

Paper planes zipped through the air without a care Paper fishes swam wild and free, feeling happy in glee Paper boats sailed away to a journey that'll last for a day

Paper kites danced all around, not having the ground to be bound And my paper birds, all in a flock, glided past me which came to a shock

It was then I realized that they were all alive, all from these two hands, each with fingers five I scrambled off my bed and ran to the window, wanting to give

The window doors burst wide open with cool air to greet me My origami works paused in midair, stopping from their flight, and then all at once they raced towards the open window

They flew over my head, rustling papers flying past me I could feel their excitement and gratitude of finally being free Hearing their paper voice singing in glee

But I was caught in their stampede out the window I lost my grip on the window pane, my hand slipping off what I held in vain

For a second I was in the air, caught in the cloud of my origami flying together, held by their paper hands I could feel paper cuts forming all around

But I didn't care, along as I was safe and sound But they forgot about me, wanting to fly free in the air

They left me there, hanging in the air, watching as they flew away having me do nothing but stare I screamed in terror as I fell from the second floor, knowing in a few seconds I'll be no more

I watched as the ground grew bigger and bigger, came closer and closer Then just at impact, at the last second, I closed my eyes And I felt nothing Nothing

I opened my eyes and saw I was hovering for just a second before falling flat on the ground that was only an inch away

I was sprawled across the cold, hard floor, and saw nothing but absolute darkness I slowly got up with my legs wobbling, and I balanced myself as stood on my bare feet

I looked around in panic, letting out a 'hello?' in a shaky, cautious voice But the word replied back to me, echoing throughout the room, as if it was mocking me

I saw nothing, but then I realized that I am nothing I am nothing I slowly sank to the ground, I'm alone like always Scared and alone with-

A brilliant bright light from the distance appeared in the darkness, which was followed by the rustle of paper

Suddenly the whole room lit up with bright, beautiful colors, swirling around the place The room sang with the rustling and crumpling of papers like a song

It was a paper world, everything made of paper, is paper, from the paper grass down on my feet to the paper sky up above

Paper origami of all species and types raced across the ground, glided in the water, and soared in the skies

My paper birds, only nine hundred and ninety-nine of them sailed towards me in different colors rather than dull white

They twirled around me, spinning around and around like a tornado I looked up, seeing nothing but the bright different colors of each paper

Their winds whipped my hospital gown around as I unconsciously spread out my arms like a bird taking flight Then I began to get picked up off my feet, my bare feet getting lifted off the ground

I ignored the paper cuts on my body and clothes as they carried me into the air Finally, I was free from that prison, from that world I closed my eyes, a single tear streaking down my face

Then everything just Stopped

Everything stood still The colors faded away The music became silent And my origami papers disappeared, vanished out of thin air

I dropped back onto the bed Back where I was Where I will always be

The doctors and nurses frantically raced into the room, panicked and shouting My parents were there too, crying and shouting as well I wanted to tell them what I saw, the paper world I visited

But I couldn't I felt the shock, yet nothing happened Clear! Clear! Clear!

Then there was a long silence, no one dared say a word until someone looked down at their watch and said those words Those very words Time of death, 11:11 pm

A white blanket was placed over me, letting me see nothing but paper white, I was just glad it wasn't darkness instead That last paper crane, the thousandth one, slipped out of my cold hand

It fell onto the cold, hard tile floor with a silent tap It sat helpless there on the ground as its friends and family were strung up in the ceiling

Where is my wish? Where's the wish I was promised? I made a thousand paper cranes with my own two hands It wasn't until I realized I didn't get a long life I didn't get well soon

But I did get my wish To finally be free

It all started with a piece of paper Which came from a tree That was chopped Chipped Pulped Drained Pressed Dried And then cut up

Which all comes back to that piece of paper

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