Roaring 20s
Roaring 20s 1920 stories

rubie a Diary that rhymes kinda
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kinda bummed I accidentally deleted Intimate ( how does one accidentally delete a post??) was my most liked post which is cool but also sad because my AAGGHHHH was more liked than my actual like.. words lol anyway heres some frivolous lil rhymes

Roaring 20s

Play a song for me on the electric jukebox

cause the future is us

just had a touch of 2019 with the help of the '50s

because its easy when I have rock and roll to cure my soul

add the blues, and I become whole

The '20s are roaring

I hear it around the corner and it's getting closer

maybe the year ahead will be when I finally clear my head thanks to all the Gatsby parties

If everything in the world was music, I'd like to think that I would be an anomaly

Louis combined with the future of the past will be the death of me

Catch me doing the charleston down the street

bringing back the old fads

i mean how freaking rad is that?

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