Revive My Flowers You Coward
Revive My Flowers You Coward flowers stories

rubiea Diary that rhymes kinda
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I am happy to inform you that my flowers have been revived, and I'm growing my garden for me again.
Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

Revive My Flowers You Coward

Occasionally, there are sunflowers that come to life in my mind.

They bloom, and it's all because I think of how happy you must be

and how happy I will be, eventually, too.

But just as quickly as my garden grows

it welts, and the pedals float away.

and it's all because I can't know for sure

you're the happiest man on earth.

And that keeps me here, weeping over my decaying flowers because I tell myself that they need me

to stay alive,

to stay beautiful,

to stay mine.

I love you,

and I'm in love with you.

So tell me you've never been happier

so I can stop trying to grow a whole beautiful garden for you,

and finally start growing it for me again.

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