Okay, FINE. I'll tell you why I'm scared of cats.
Okay, FINE. I'll tell you why I'm scared of cats. cat stories

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Plz don't get mad at me. I met a cat recently that I actually like! I just can't really trust it fully yet..

Okay, FINE. I'll tell you why I'm scared of cats.

Okay, so put yourself in my shoes real quick.

I've grown up owning only dogs. I saw a cat when I was young and shrieked at how cute it was.

That's when my mom grabbed my hand and said "Rubie, don't get near that thing! It'll scratch you because they're all mean!"

So I lived my life, cat-free for the longest. Always just really curious.

Then I made a friend. And this friend had a cat named Furrguson.

The cat threaded it's body in-between my legs And my blood ran cold. I went to pet it, but the damn thing saw my hand and then bit it! We sat and played video games. I was sitting criss-cross apple sauce and it crawled on my lap. It dug it's nails into my jeans and left the fabric and my skin shredded!

Since then I've been afraid. People ask me " you're scared of cats?? Why??" And I present to them some bullet points that explain everything, and make perfect sense to me ->

- they move like snakes, but have fur and legs??? - provoke them, they scratch you. Don't provoke them, they scratch you. That's not fun?? - they always look like they're plotting against you. I've heard multiple cat owners tell me "they are". -they always smell like their litter box. Ew.

Anyways, yeah. That's the story behind my fear of cats. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

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