Skype Calls From Texas
Skype Calls From Texas sad stories

rubie a Diary that rhymes kinda
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-"ill follow you like morning follows night" -"We're all trying our darnedest and loving each other and thats all that we need" -"love is like a train that has a ticking bomb in it" -"you're pretty" -"frogs are pretty cute" -"you smell good" -" a heart shape is actually two hearts"

Skype Calls From Texas

I think I'm finally leaving you behind most days when I'm lucky and the thought of us makes me laugh because there's no god damn way I'd go back. you're gone and i'm living, I'm thriving, I'm trying to laugh way less about us.

But there's thoughts in my head caused by things that you've said that I still keep in my notepad. They're the very last things I ever heard you say to me and I'd just like to say- They're not bad.

you're the sunshine, You're the light the morning that follows those nights when it gets way too dark.

Yes, we tried our darnedest but it wasn't enough It was all I ever needed now it's all that I have.

Do you remember that time you compared our love to a train carrying a bomb that was soon to go off?

And I still have dreams about the galaxy in your eyes that gleamed brightly when you said I was pretty.

I even keep note about the frogs that all croaked when you said they were cute and I laughed.

I went to the perfume store and I found what I wore when I was Mad About You and you remember how good it felt letting that scent go straight to your head.

I was shocked when you pointed out that my heart was the shape of mine and yours combined into one.

And I could write more, but my phone's blowing up- It's either John, Jim, Joe, Jeff, or all four.

They're happy and I'm lucky to have them around me to dry my eyes when I laugh just a little too hard.

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