She passed away on a Thursday morning
She passed away on a Thursday morning love stories

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*Short story*

Don't take love for granted, you never know...

She passed away on a Thursday morning

by Hazelx

I had a dream. A dream that felt so real. It was surreal.

You appeared to me, clearer than you ever were. Clearer than when our eyes were clouded by our hangovers.

I held your hand, our fingers intertwined just like we used to. My heart was so full.

You asked me how I found you and I said '' I don't know''. Because I didn't know and I couldn't care less. As long as you were with me, nothing else mattered.

As you slowly let go of my hand, I woke up Rays of sunshine coming through the window.

I picked my guitar and strung a few chords of that song I wrote for you a few years back. I remembered how shy you were the first time I sang it for you.

I grabbed my phone. I knew that I had to talk to you. After all these years, All those feelings rushed right back like they never left.

That was always the case with us. We knew that we'd always found our way back to each other, no matter what. That's what true love is all about, right?

''Hello'' '' Jess? Babe, it's Alexe '' '' Sorry, this isn't Jess. Are you a friend of hers? ''

'' What? Who are you?'' '' I'm her sister. Listen I don't know if you were close to Jess but I have some bad news. She passed away. "

As soon as I realized the words she pronounced , my breath felt heavy. It felt as if something was sucking the life out of me. I knew something was wrong when she appeared to me.

I could feel tears slowly rolling down my cheeks. I silently wiped them away as I closed my eyes, taking the news in.

'' When? '' ''Sorry, what?'' ''When did she pass away?''

'' Thursday " "Thursday mornings were her favorite", I said to myself.

She passed away on a cold Thursday morning, the day of her 27th birthday. What I wouldn't give to hold her hand once more...

And if only I could...

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