Inside those salty tears
Inside those salty tears sad stories

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Do you believe in fallen angels?

Inside those salty tears

by Hazelx

I remember reading once a post that said that '' suicidal people are just angels who want to go home''

And I thought it was the most beautiful thing I ever read

But it only brought a temporary smile to my ever lasting emptiness.

The truth is, living with depression is kind of like waking up to the same nightmare over and over again, trapped into your body indefinitely

It's a daily battle with yourself that no one knows about

A battle that forces you to put a mask on your face while you're rotting inside

A battle that makes the idea of jumping off a bridge sometimes oh so attractive

But then you put it off, because you want to believe so hard that there's something or someone out there that is worth going through this constant fight

I don't know what's ahead,

But I'll try to make the best out of those broken wings...

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