The letter drowned in blood
The letter drowned in blood  rpwrittings stories

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Story wirtten on a poor couple having a one child, they face hindrances and hurdles in their life due to the poverty one day woman decides to commit suicide

The letter drowned in blood

O my dear soul mate! It is about midnight, th moon is shining in the sky , you are in deep asleep, I'm going to say goodbye to you forever! How its difficult to say goodbye to one's whom we love unconditionally and incomparably!. My dear how much you are in absolute slack off !! , at this time you have no worry about being ravenous and being scruzed under the anxieties of debit and interests. When you'd awake morrow ,you will have same sorrows and worries which i can't see now i don't have potential to face these crucible circumstances.i can die by seeing you in this unflappable sleep.! Our dear "Bablu" (their son) he is half-straved and sleeping in broken craddle . He suckled few drops from dry breast like desert during evening. I know it is the deepest sorrow of life to leave a Child in orphanage, i can bear this but i can't bear the grief when he screams in hungriness daily. Once ans for all you must eat my own cooked meal which i had cooked last night, it wouldn't be oily and palpable but sure it would have taste of my tears. Today without your consent I'm going to do something ,I've never done anything without your permission even didn't eat meal, but today I'm going to commit suicide. You know whenever kids of poors feel hungry they commit suicide coz meal is expensive, suicide is the easiest and fortune for them! Oh my dear mate! You wont have to sob on my taken step, if you will then my soul will be writhing i have made you cry almost each and every day before! You would have remembered

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