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rozetta13 Just a girl wandering through life
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If we actually met Would your feelings change?

Would You?

If we actually met

Would your feelings change?

What you can see is friendship

But to me it's something more.

To be honest

I didn't mean to fall,

Just hearing your voice

Verified it all.

If I lived close

Would you come see me?

Even if I was close

You may never show

But I'll wait

My patience has no limits

So I'm used for it

But ill still wait for you

While I ignore the pain.

Will the words "love" and "you"

Ever leave your lips?

It probably already has,

But not to me.

You love her not me

Yet I can't find a finality

Without you in my life.

The cruellest thing is my reality

So I cover it up

It up with false memories.

If you had a chance,

Would you wanna feel what I feel?

Let me guess

My questions are greedy right?

There's no point in answering

Plus someone like me

Should be allowed to be selfish

At least once.

But one thing that I know is

I can't force you to love me.

Well instead of her

Because she and I aren't the same.

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