When I’m 90 years old
When I’m 90 years old stories
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royalty write what you cant say
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When I’m 90 years old

As you look back on your life do you believe that you achieved the greatest person you could be did you set goals to approach what u would dream when your 90 years old are you going to sit there and regret what u have done wish u could go back and redo life from age 21

are you going to think of that time when you yelled at your mom told her you hated her and wish you were never born how about the time you were sitting there crying saying you wanted to kill your self because you were done trying okay... okay... enough for now let’s talk about the good that you have done

when you are 90 years old I want u to look back at the time when you saw a little girl on the streets nearly dying what did u do? You went up to her and said darling why are u crying she told u her life story so u gave her ten dollars made her promise it was for school and left her light hearted

how about the time your best friend walked up to you with blood on her arms crying saying I can’t do this no more .. you already know what u did u took her home and showed her what life is when I’m 90 years old I want to be happy I don’t want to look back on the shit that I’ve gone through and the pain that I couldn’t see through

I don’t want to remember how when I was 15 I was dumb and naïve, how I got pregnant and killed my baby, how the whole school made me feel worthless or the time I left my dream college cuz anxiety was taking over me or the time I broke up with the love of my life because I was selfish or even the time I left home because I didn’t feel worth it

I want to think of the time when I held people crying when people were so happy with the hairstyles I did for them or when my dad sat there crying cuz I was growing when I’m 90 years old I want to looked back on my life like it was a movie with a happy ending Ending with me...

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