One day
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rowdypinky A little bit heartbroken.
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He won’t ever love me and I need to stop loving him.

One day

One day, someone will love me, for all the faults you pointed out.

Someone will love me for the calluses on my hands, that show I work nine hours a day, doing what I used to love.

They will love me for the fact I fix cars because it’s easier for me than dealing with people.

They will love me for the shitty tattoo I got when I was too young to be getting tattoos. And they’ll laugh at my stories.

They will love me for my quiet moments, when I’m lost in thought.

They will love when I stare at them to commit every detail of the face I adore to my memory.

They will love my fierceness and my strength. They will love that I love so deeply.

Someone will love that they are my very first thought when I wake up.

And the last before I go to sleep.

They will love all you couldn’t.

And one day I will find them.

But first I’ll have to stop loving you.

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