Drunk pain stories

rowdypinky A little bit heartbroken.
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A short little thing about how I’ll try to make it hurt less.


I can’t wait to move out, so I can stop walking past the first place we kissed, every time I leave my room.

And I’m gonna get wasted at that corner table at the pub, make new drunken memories where we had our first date.

I’m gonna put my car sideways on that dirt road, make it spit up dust and erase every trace of us ever being there.

I’m gonna do it all when you make me break my own heart.

For now I’m gonna get drunk and dance under the stars.

I let someone ruin them for me once before, and I didn’t even love him.

I can’t let you take them. You already have too much of me and you don’t even know it.

But blue and black and the lights in my eyes, I’ve gotta hang on to those this time.

Because when you’re gone, you’re going to take the best parts of me with you. My smile, my laugh, my love... hope... it’ll all go with you.

So please leave me the stars.

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