Darling sad stories
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rowdypinky Healed
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Sad shit about something that should never have happened.


Guard your heart my love.

He promises you only falsities.

He does not care,

That you remember that day on the hill,

As vividly as if it were yesterday.

Storm clouds rolling in.

He does not care, that they all left you,

And each time you swore your heart would stop beating,

And each time you swore it would not happen again.

Guard your heart my sweet.

He does not care, that you thought you’d never meet someone,

That would hold you in the dark and whisper your name,

And kiss you like you mattered.

Guard your heart, because he will take it.

He will promise not to walk away.

You will tell him why you were so scared he would in the first place.

And he will promise he won’t.

That you have nothing to worry about.

And then he will leave you in the dust,

Clutching a bleeding heart.

Wondering what you did wrong.

Guard your heart my darling.

For he’ll break it to pieces.

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