𝕊eeds of ℍope

                   𝕊eeds of ℍope poetry stories

rowan_aston Aspiring writer who daydreams too much
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Trees need seeds to grow...but what about humans?

𝕊eeds of ℍope

how are trees made the child looks at his mother his eyes large and innocent the mother bends down and smiles when people plant seeds of hope and she leaves it at that walking before any other questions arise

a young girl sees a boy getting bullied she goes up to the oppressors instead of fighting she defeats them with spoken word they run away scared of her glares the boy thanks her he says she made him hopeful in humanity again she smiles and says that it's everyone's job to plant seeds of hope

tiled floor and white walls smell of bleach and beeping he hated this place but he had to go through it to see his mother they hold hands and enjoy the moment knowing that there was nothing left to say before her life ends the mother points at the boy's heart never lose hope

two siblings hold apple seeds they hope to grow it's watered everyday plenty of sunshine is given yet it doesn't grow they try over and again with other seeds but none of them grow their father comes to them he bends to one knee and points to their hearts never let your seeds of hope die

let your tears water let your smile give light let your words provide nutrients to your seeds of hope


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