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Hallows Eve Fun

Dan grinned as he walked through the Halloween store. He wanted to get the perfect costume for him and Phil, but didn't know what to get. He wanted something adorable though.

He walked around, until he saw something......

Weeaboo. It was a wall full of Naruto costumes, and right there, in the front was a Naruto and Sasuke costume, in their sizes. It was like the universe wanted them to be ninjas!

He smiled, and grabbed them, excited to see Phil dress up as a emo teen ninja.

He grabbed some candy and decorations for Dan and Phil gaming. After buying the stuff, he rushed back home, autumn leaves swirling in the air.

He arrived home, to see Phil standing at the front door, looking like a little kid.

"What did you get!?" Phil said, excitedly.

He pulled his Sasuke outfit out, and held it out for him.

"Hurry up and change. Kids will be here any minute!" Dan said eager to see him in his costume.

He rushed to the bathroom to change, as Dan changed in the living room.

When they were dressed, Phil drew Dan's whiskers, and Grinned.

He quickly drew some of his own, making Dan laugh.

Soon the door was knocked on, so they went to open it.

Expecting children, he brought the candy, but Did not expect a group of Ninja from the Suna village.

There stood three kids dressed up as Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari. The girl dressed up as Temari shouted,


The brothers kept chanting,

"Kiss, kiss, kiss." To the. point that Dan gave in.

He leaned down and kissed Phil, then pulled back swiftly.

He threw candy at them, and dragged Phil inside and slammed the door. He turned and smirked at a crimson Phil.

"Want to continue?"

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