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rowace no YOU are a cactus
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Lil' bit of lesbian fluff, clocking in at exactly 200 words. (no one dies, I promise)

Future plans

by rowace

"What do you wanna be when you're grown up?" Millie rolls over to meet Vivianne's eyes in the dark. "Like, after high school's over, I mean."

"Hmm," hums Vivianne, and then: "I already am something."

"You don't mean you want to stay cashier forever, do you?"

"I'm a time traveller."

Millie scoffs and considers getting up to swing a pillow at her girlfriend. Too much effort, she decides, though she did deserve it. "I meant for real."

"I AM for real! I'm a time traveller, from the year 2001. It just took me a while to get here."

"What, like seventeen years?"

"You say it like you know a quicker route. Time travelling is hard, you know? You've got to not-die all the time. But I have great plans to see even more future. I might go as far as 2050.

Maybe even further."

Vivianne has flipped on her back. In the light of the moon filtered through the thin curtains, Millie can see her arms making grand gestures in the air.

Though she can't make out Vivianne's eyes anymore, she imagines them glowing.

"I take everything back; that sounds like a great plan. Mind me tagging along for a bit?"

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