Dinner Party With The Ackermann's (Btw-- is it Ackerman or Ackermann?)
Dinner Party With The Ackermann's

(Btw-- is it Ackerman or Ackermann?) mikasa stories

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Dinner Party With The Ackermann's (Btw-- is it Ackerman or Ackermann?)

Mikasa glared side-long at Levi, clenching her fists underneath the table. It was still an extreme effort for her to act civil around him.

A part of her wondered if it was just because of the Ackermann blood flowing in her veins; the extreme instinct to protect Eren.

Levi had explained to her multiple times that he would never intentionally harm Eren. (Anymore, of course.) Eren watched as Levi glared back, sipping at his tea in that odd way of his.

Mikasa scoffed and bit heartily into her bread. Levi adjusted his cravat and went back to his meat.

"You guys are so toxic to each other. Can't we enjoy a family meal? We're all Ackermann's here." Eren was in fact an Ackermann--he'd married Levi. He was now Eren Jaeger-Ackermann.

"Eren.. he's still almost twice your age."

"It's ten years, Mikasa." Eren corrected, and Mikasa waved a hand dismissively.

"When he was in 5th grade, you weren't even born yet. Feel old yet, Captain?" Mikasa sneered and Eren groaned as Levi set his utensils down with terrifying calm.

"Does immaturely insulting me make you feel better about your sad, single life, Mikasa?" Levi asked and Mikasa gripped the table tightly. Eren winced. The poor table.

"Who said I was single?" she sniped back and Eren sat up straighter.

"Who is dating my sister and WHEN did they get my stamp of approval?" he growled protectively and it was Mikasa's turn to groan.

"See this? This is why I didn't tell you." she gestured helplessly at Eren, who had since gotten out of his seat and was pacing, calculating the odds of who could be dating his sister.

"IS IT HORSE-FACE?" he roared, turning back to Mikasa fiercely. Levi had gone back to eating, but was intently watching the whole ordeal.

"You think I'd date Jean?!"

"Well, I don't know! You wouldn't date Armin, his subconscious is taken by Annie!"

"That's a low blow!"

"It's the truth, though." Eren deadpanned and Mikasa groaned again. "In any case, who the hell are you dating?!"

"None of your business, Eren!" Mikasa furiously stormed out. Eren's shoulders slumped. He'd thought it was a joke at first.

"She's totally gay." Levi sipped from his tea again and collected his dishes. "And probably dating Annie."

"How the hell did you collect THAT from- THAT?" Eren threw his hands up and slumped back in his chair.

"She flinched when you mentioned Annie, and her face was totally disgusted when you mentioned Horse-face." Levi cleaned the dishes and dried them, stuffing them back into the cabinet neatly.

"Sometimes I worry you know my best friends better than me." Eren said and Levi ruffled his hair affectionately.

"Of course I do. After all, I'm an old man, aren't I?" Eren stuck his tongue out at Levi and the older man rolled his eyes.

"I don't think you're old." Eren stood up and placed a quick peck to Levi's lips. "I'm going to go talk to her, see you later?"

"Yeah. Don't screw it up, Eren."

"Real motivational." Eren tugged on his coat and opened the door, waving to Levi once more.

"Leave me alone, Eren." Mikasa groaned and Eren caught her wrist.

"Mikasa, I don't care who you're dating. Just let them know that if they break your heart, I'll break them."

"I'll make sure to." Mikasa turned and smiled softly. "Oh, and, Eren?"


"It's Annie."

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