guess we're doing it huh
guess we're doing it huh q&a stories

routheboat 17 | poetry and flash fiction
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thank you guys for helping me reach 100 followers! <3

guess we're doing it huh

just as i said i'm going to do a q&a once i reach a hundred followers and currently i have like 112? soooo

before that i have to thank y'all for your support! 100 people is a lot, like, imagine all of us in a room or something it would be pretty crowded

i didn't expect to be even noticed in commaful at all especially with all the writers who are tonnes better than i would ever be lmao so thank you for reading and liking my stuff <3 <3 <3

ok so onto the actual q&a thing send me your questions in the comments and i'll answer them!

PS: i'm still doing requests so if you want something written feel free to put it in the comments too or in my other story about requests specifically

cheers, luvs <3

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