summer drive
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rosivhCommunity member
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a little poem about summer nostalgia

summer drive

by rosivh

a flash, two, three, four

becoming rhythmic, methodic almost hypnotic

they meander down the road

I follow, the temperature cool but still with windows down

a wind in my face

refreshing but reminding of days past & cooler days to come

one, the cotton candy clouds

two, the salt water splashing my toes

three, the gentle sound of the sea

four, the sand stuck to my feet

five, the slight chill of the night

six, your arm around me

seven, pairs of eyes smiling

eight, all sitting together in a summer dream

and as the lights continue to beat on

each snippet comes back once again

lined with nostalgia

but filled with contentment

edged with longing

but brimming with happiness

with the simple things

that made it all worthwhile

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I really like this poem. It encapsulates the beauty of Summer