Realisation: Part l
Realisation: Part l break up stories

rosieross95 24. Australian. Trying to make sense
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A chance encounter led to the realisation that I was falling out of love.

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Realisation: Part l

You were promising Time had passed but you recognised me instantly And while you didn’t know my name You spoke to some part of me That didn’t want to be alone

The night we met I felt preemptively guilty . I thought about it but I didn’t touch you But not because of him Because If I had I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself.

It struck me that I could throw away everything in a single second and If I’m honest Part of me wanted to

With a sober mind I told you the truth and said goodbye

Selfish, maybe.

But when you kissed me on the cheek I felt the spot burn Like you’d branded it with your lips And it stung me With something more than want or regret.

You’d branded me with doubt And it blistered on the skin And burned like the questions I’d buried and didn’t want to answer

Maybe that in itself was a sign

That we he and I were wilting.

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