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She was meant to kill her. She didn't think there was something could ever get in the way of her mission..but this definitely did. Damn, it did.


She was the last person left on Ariah's list of hits. The last person, and the highest paying job of them all, and if she was to be completely honest, the most heart wrenching of them all.

With red hair, and two different colored eyes, Sora was an easy target to find. That paired with her eccentric style, obvious location, and the barkeep who kept calling her Sora, as she sat at the bar, her eyes were trained on the young female, her rich blue eyes watching her every move.

The way her hips were moving, the way her voice rang, how her hair sat so perfectly in a bun, and how she moved around so elegantly despite being the lowly daughter of the crippled barkeep, had Ariah's head spinning, as time ticked down, before the dead line was reached.

And then, the girl had stopped in front of her. The girl who wore the pale purple sweater with the flared sleeves, and the girl with the leggings. Ariah's heart stopped.

"Hello, ma'am~" She had purred in her sing-song voice, teasing as hell, and so flirtatious. God, it was irritating...

And absolutely mesmerizing.

And that was what she had hated about it as she slowly stood, shaking her head slowly, glowering at the female, who had her head playfully tilted. Mocking the girl sent to kill her.

So, the girl with the black, ever so slightly wavy black hair had turned on her perfectly polished heels, her blazer perfectly pressed and pleated skirt hiding a pistol. Only to feel the girl's chubby, weathered hand clasp around her thin wrist, causing he to whip her head back with a growl.

"Stay for a drink, why don't ya?" The girl had purred, her hazel and pale blue eyes baring into her, almost seeming to see through her as she shook her head stubbornly. She didn't speak though. Never speak to your future victim.

"Fine...Just, your next drink is free, got it? Come back any time, darlin~"


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