Life Without you

      Life Without you #romance#love#feelings stories

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How we grow to love each other.

Life Without you

Life without you is Not life but a Nightmare

A nightmare that pricks My soul until It's no more

What is it about you That makes my stomach Churn

My heart beat fast Or completely go speechless when I look at you

Is it your luscious lips Your Fair skin

Your long hair Or your breathtaking smile

Your eyes are the perfect kind of Electric blue. Striking yet soft

The kind that makes You freeze in place Captivates you for even the slightest moment

I didn't fall in love With you because I was lost orlonely I fell in love with you because With you I can be myself

With you my problems and worries go away With you my imperfections Seem perfect

I may not be your first Date Your first Kiss Your first Love

And that's fine, Because I want to be your last

I promise to be there for you. We are a team, you and me I am on your side to support you and to build you up

Where you're feeling down Am here to encourage you To cheer you To be your best friend And to love you

When we get to the end of our lives together The house we had The cars we drove The things we possessed won't matter

What will matter is that you had me and I had you We will not just get to grow old together

We shall get to grow up together and that's the real adventure

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