Know your Worth

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Having the guts to leave a toxic relationship

Know your Worth

When someone treats you Like you're just one Of many options

Help them narrow their Choice by removing Yourself from the Equation

Sometimes you have to try Not to care no matter How much you do

Because honestly sometimes You can mean almost Nothing To someone who means so much to you

It's not pride It's self respect Don't give part-time People A full-time position in your Life

Know your value And what you have To offer

Never settle for anything Less than you Deserve

Destroy the fear That causes you to stay When you know you should Leave

Your love is not a cage For wild hearts It's a gift to be well received

Do not be someone's "Sometimes"

Do not pour Your sunshine Into someone Who doesn't think of you as their sky

Don't leave them to make them feel sad or guilty They won't Leave because you no longer Have a reason to stay

Sometimes you have to be strong for yourself Love is worth fighting for but sometimes you Can't be the only one Fighting

At times people need to fight for you You are gold Do not put yourself on fire to keep others warm

You must find the courage To leave the table if respect is no longer being served Know your Worth Time will reveal whose loss it truly was

I am mine Before anyone else's

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