A perfect bond

            A perfect bond

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rosieblares Die with memories not dreams♡♡♡♡
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When you meet the one who makes you feel like you're the most important person on earth

A perfect bond

You are my love poem Written not in words but emotion Told not in voice but the eyes And the brightest hues of emotion....

Exploding my monochrome world into a rainbow

In your arms my storms quell In your arms, I have peace In your arms, I am home

From your ways to your words There's so much to love Yet when we add the chemistry The passion to touch The primal need for intimacy

There is that feeling of being in love That has arrived without fanfare As a humble traveler Not there a moment after Yet forevermore existing after

We are so different You and I Yet together we balance As yin and yang

Both beauty Both strength A perfect match A perfect bond

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