A Good Strong Man by Rose Ayala
A Good Strong Man

by Rose Ayala tree stories

rosexylonaayala Community member
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Short poem

A Good Strong Man by Rose Ayala

Give me a tree, with roots stretching downwards and arms hugging the sun.

Give me thick bark with notches to hold and with a sappy heart bursting its way out.

Give me someone who cares, someone who's there

Who doesn't run away at the thought of being naked in front of the one they love.

Who doesn't shut down and clam up and search for something new and shallow and non-threatening.

Someone who doesn't choose comfort over self-growth,

Who doesn't shy from chances to change and become stronger.

Someone who yearns to become a better version of themselves.

Give me a man- a good man, a strong man.

One who can stand the test of time and merely get better with age-like wine.

Give me arms like thick bark clutching tight

Give me reams of knowledge like outstretched branches to the sky.

Give me someone to inspire me to be these things as well.

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