Your "Hidden" Things
Your "Hidden" Things hidden stories

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Eight months without talking, and it's all because you hid things from me.

Your "Hidden" Things

by briestories

You hid things from me.

Well, more like attempted to hide because with you things never stayed hidden.

I'd see a post with you and your friends.

Who just so happened to be my friends too.

You tried to hide it, but despite your efforts, I still found out.

Your lies stayed hidden the longest.

But just like those pictures, I saw them eventually.

A part of me wishes you were better at hiding things.

And the reason is simple: I didn't want to lose you as my friend.

And as your lies, secrets, and hangouts began to add up.

But I was subtracted from that.

But here we are.

Still eight months without talking, all because of your "hidden" things.

I hope you do a better job of hiding things in the future.

Maybe you'll actually keep some friends...

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