Your Biggest Consequence
Your Biggest Consequence consequence stories
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Not everyone can stand up. I did and this is what I learned.

Your Biggest Consequence

by briestories

You seemed to be exempted from everything.

You could literally do anything and everything, yet never get in trouble.

You'd never get punished and you'd never have consequences.

You could say or do anything and never be caught.

I, ​on the other hand, would be plagued with consequences.

You were always so perfect.

Something I apparently was not.

Everyone say through your facade, but I was the only one to speak up.

Of course, no one did anything.

They just followed you around because it meant going through life with no worries and no consequences.

I stepped back and let them follow you like a hungry wolf would follow a deer.

One day you did get a consequence.

You may not have noticed it, but it will be a major one in your life.

Your consequence for everything you've ever done to me was not getting me.

I never gave you my time. Not before and not after.

Your biggest consequence was you missing out on me.

Just let that smack you in the face when I make it farther in life.

Let that fade in when you don't have those fake friends around and I have real ones.

Let it fully consume you when you see how happy I am without a posse​ of people I don't care about.

You thought you were winning in life, but your biggest consequence hasn't even hit you yet.

Who knows when it will, but I can assure you one thing.

You'll regret everything you've ever said or done to anyone.

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