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My internal war started a while ago

War Within

It started a while ago.

Way before I was actually diagnosed.

My war was fought internally.

Against myself.

My inner demons fought to take control.

The bloodbath that ensued was fierce,

And my internal wounds soon became external.

I fought tirelessly.

Until one day I couldn't anymore.

My body was shattered.

My heart was shattered.

My hope was shattered.

And then, someone came to my rescue.

Someone continued my fight for me.

And when I awoke, I saw the clouds part

And as sunlight streamed in, everything that was shattered suddenly began to heal.

And although the healing was gradual, I felt my spirits rise.

My battles, no matter how tough, have become conquerable again and again by me.

Because not only do I realize that I am strong enough to fight this battle.

I realize that I am not alone in fighting it.

And that I will always have someone there to pick me back up, dust me off, and give me hope.

This is my fight.

This is my battle.

This is my war.

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