Too Loyal
Too Loyal loyalty stories
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Loyalty isn't always double sided...

Too Loyal

by briestories

Loyalty means always being there and standing with someone no matter what.

Apparently, ​you don't know what that means.

I was so loyal to you.

While you talked crap about others I sat there and listened.

I never said a word to you; I just listened.

I look back at myself and I'm disgusted.

Why did I not stand up for anyone?

Want to know the real reason?

I was too loyal and blind to you.

That toxic relationship has since passed, but like everything else, I look back.

How? Why? I'm still questioning it.

Sure loyalty is a good thing, but if it's to the wrong person it's bad.

If you're so blinded by them and look past everything they do it's not worth it.

Use that loyalty somewhere else because I can tell you that they will not return the same loyalty you give them.

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