Persevere - My Struggle with Being Bullied
Persevere - My Struggle with Being Bullied persevere stories

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I would run into the bathroom every day and lock myself in a stall.

Persevere - My Struggle with Being Bullied

I would run into the bathroom every day and lock myself in a stall.

I'd begin to cry as I texted my mom, "Come to pick me up, please."

She usually wouldn't reply, so me, not having a clue that I had anxiety, would panic.

I'd text her over and over again sixty sometimes even seventy times until she replied.

Tears streamed down my face as I read her response...

"Honey, I can't come to pick you up. You have school and I'm at work. Just stick it out. I love you."

This happened almost daily for the whole entire year. And I felt trapped.

My mom went to administration because it escalated​ from just being bullied by this one girl to being bullied by another, and then even a teacher.

And all they said was that they'd step in if they saw it, which they never did.

I would usually skip lunch and just sit in the bathroom because I couldn't take the constant fear I had to face every day.

My life was a living hell.

I'd come home and go straight to my room or the bathroom and bawl my eyes out because that was my only safe haven.

I remember vividly that I got so frustrated I scratched my forearm raw.

The effect that one person (which ended up being multiple people by the end of the school year) made on my life was traumatizing​ and strengthening.

I've been through a lot for my age, in more ways than just being bullied, but I've always made it.

No matter what happens, you can make it through this rough time.

I thought there would never be a light at the end of the tunnel, but trust me there always is.

Just have hope and persevere​.

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