Dead Serious
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I thought you were just joking...Guess I was wrong.

Dead Serious

by briestories

You said all those nasty and hurtful words.

I thought you were joking.

I deflected them at first, but then when you didn't smile or laugh they sank into me.

Like sinking into quicksand; it was slow and there was no escape.

You walked out and I stood there, sinking.

You never looked back and you never apologized.

You just kept walking away, leaving me to be engulfed by your words.

I was in denial and thought you would text me or call me.

I thought you would try to make it up or something.

I'd never think in a million years that you, my best friend, would do something to hurt me.

I waited and waited.

The minutes turned into hours. Those hours turned into days.

Those days turned into weeks. And those weeks turned into months.

But then I suddenly stopped waiting.

I knew that you meant the words you said.

Somehow I just knew you did.

I knew you were really gone.

You were serious.

Dead serious.

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