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This is a true story that happened to me this week. Also the line and character is from the play Our Town.


My heart pounds and my nerves are going through the roof.

The line before mine is said and I prepare myself for the next couple seconds.

"Ma, what dress shall I wear?" I call out, thinking I did quite well with my first line of the scene.

We proceed with the scene and right before we go onstage I flash a huge smile to my friend.

We then run onstage and I, again, say my line.

I think everything is running smoothly; the director cracks up at the funny lines and especially mine.

Once she says cut, I can feel my nerves fade as my friends give me reassuring smiles.

"Great job!" they congratulate.

"Alright, cast list posted tomorrow!" our director states.

I go home and anxiously await the list.

In second period I notice it's posted.

I scan through the list and then finally I land on Rebecca, the character I auditioned for.

I take a deep breath and slowly scan to see who got it.


No Brie in sight, just the name Lannie.

I take a shaky breath and I receive a text from my friend.

"I can't believe Lannie got the part and no you. I'm so freaking pissed. The only reason she got it was because her mom kisses the director's butt and she works on the board."

I smile a bit, but sadness plagues my heart.

Am I good enough?

I begin to doubt myself until my friend comes up to me and says, "You did amazing. Don't doubt your skills as an actor, you're awesome, Brie."

So I guess the lesson is that it's not alway you.

Don't doubt yourself over a part because just because the director didn't like it doesn't mean you're a bad actor.

Just trust your instincts and your friends because most of the time there are other factors over whether you're good or not.

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