Across the Floor
Across the Floor dance stories
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And five, six, seven, eight...

Across the Floor

And five, six, seven, eight...

I deeply inhale, preparing for my turn.

I stretch my pointe shoes to make sure I'm ready to gracefully turn across the floor.

I watch the person in front of me wobble a bit before finishing out the turn elegantly.

I've got this. I can do this.

I sharply inhale as she counts off.

They echo in my head, but my mind is focused.

I prepare the turn, spot my head, and relevé on my shoes.

As soon as I hear eight, I immediately go on top of my pointe shoes.

I spin around, completing​ the turn and then use that momentum to propel me into​ the next.

Once I finish, I quickly curtsey and move into the other corner to prepare again...

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