Taken chapter 2
Taken chapter 2 romance stories

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This is the second chapter of the story i write if u want to read the first chapter go to wattpad and look up renesseme cullen and read my book

Taken chapter 2

After they loaded me in we started to another house. The guy from before kept looking at me. I have to say he was kinda cute.

But I couldn't get the thought out that every time I looked at him he looked like my brother. Soon another kid joined me he was shaking from head to toe. Also, someone had brought a blanket.

The guards started handing out blankets. The one guard came over and handed me a blanket. "Stay warm we don't need ya'll freezing before we get there," he said.

He got up and walked over and handed another person a blanket but he kept looking back at me. One of the people I had no idea who it was walked over "hey do you know that guy" she said.

"Sorry I don't" I replied. She walked off to talk to someone else. I sat there all alone till the guard walked over. " you don't have to keep checking in on me" I said.

He looked at me smiling "ok" he said. "By the way what's your name," I asked. "You can call me John," he said.

"Ok," I said as he walked away I looked over at the girl from before she was looking at him as he walked off.

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